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FAQs for

q       What is the EW database?

A new subscription-based online database for senior marketing executives in the electrical business. offers sales forecasts, contact information and local demographic and economic statistics for the largest market areas in the United States. The available data includes:

·        The 150 Markets That Account For 80% Of All Electrical Product Sales
Source: DISC Corp., the electrical wholesaling industry’s leading provider of market data.

·        Contact Information For The Largest Purchasers Of Electrical Equipment in the U.S.
Source: EC&M’s 145,000-plus electrical contractors, facility maintenance personnel, specifying engineers and other readers.

·        Key Electrical Distributors In These Markets
Source: Electrical Wholesaling’s 2004-2005 Directory of Electrical Wholesale Distributors– Drawing from a resource that has 3,500 full-line electrical distributors and 1,000 niche distributors. 9,500 locations in all!

·        Key Independent Manufacturers' Reps In These Markets
Source: Penton Media, Inc.'s Electrical Wholesaling Magazine, and the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Representatives Association (NEMRA).

·        Key Economic Indicators In Local Markets
Source: Publicly available local market construction data and custom database of demographic data.

q       Who provides the data for

Electrical Wholesaling Magazine, EC&M Magazine, DISC Corp., Claritas Inc., and The United States Census Bureau.

q       Why are Electrical Wholesaling and Penton Media Inc. investing in this product?

No one else in the market can bring all of this data together in one spot in an easy-to-use online database. Customers are already buying much of the data separately. Making it available in one place will save them time and money.

q       When will it be available?

Third-quarter 2005.

q       Who is selling it?

Electrical Wholesaling’s district managers and sales personnel from the Penton Media, Inc. Book Group.

q       How much will it cost?

Annual subscription for the full national license costs $10,000. Individual markets and states start at $750 and some packaging discounts for individual markets may apply.  That’s a substantial savings over what it would cost for the individual data offerings.

q       How often will the data be updated?

DISC Corp. sales forecasts will be updated 4 times per year. Contact information for electrical distributors, electrical contractors and other end users and independent manufacturers’ reps will be regularly updated, and as soon as it’s available from our data sources.  Building permits are updated monthly and demographic data is updated annually.

q       Can we see a demonstration?

Yes. You have two options. Option #1 is to visit and click on “Find Your Hot Spots.” Then just follow the step-by-step on-screen navigation. It will take you through the process and show you just how easy it is to use You won’t be able to download the data unless you are a subscriber, but it will give you a good idea of what’s available.

Option #2 is to call 913/967-1377 for a personal tour.  We can provide a robust demonstration of between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST. 

You can also contact one of the sales reps who sell this product for a demo.

q       Is technical help available?

Yes. A technical support person will be available at 877/768-0258 from 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST .

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